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Crossnore Fine Arts Gallery

Crossnore Fine Arts Gallery represents regional painters, sculptors, and fine craft persons who want to take part in benefiting the children of Crossnore Communities for Children.

Learn about Our Artists and see representations of their work below.

Crossnore Fine Arts Gallery
205 Johnson Lane
Crossnore, NC 28616

Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-5pm

Welcome to the Gallery

The gallery specifically supports Crossnore's Youth Independent Living program which transitions students from foster care to successful independent living, and the Avery campus Student Work Program.

Our Artists

Kim Abernethy

Daniel Ambrose

Stanley Andersen

Katie and Billy Bernstein

Taking a Nap painting

Andrea Knott Brewer

Tammy Brinkley

Bill Brown

Ray Byram

Anne Colavita

Kathy Collins

Jennifer Costa

Anis Star Crofts

Germaine Galjour

Terry Gess

Cheri Glover

Rustin Gray

Patti Connor Greene

Anne Harkness

Rebecca King Hawkinson

Adam Kahn Vicious Intimate Wing

Adam Kahn

Cantey Kelleher

Bryan Koontz

John Lomax

Robert Martin

Katherine McCarty

Ann Melton

Cindy Michaud

Sarah Norris

Lisa Oakley

Ada Offerdahl

Kim Penney

Lesley Powell

Julia Ralston

Denise Riddle

Jodie Wrenn Rippy

Margaret Rossetti

Dave Schroeder

Sharon Schwenk

Joanne Senkus

Connie Snipes

Sheryl Stalnaker

Manuela Strada

Scott Summerfield

Cindy Wagner

Sarah Woodie