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Miracle Grounds Farm & Food Forest

The vision of Miracle Grounds Farm is to support Crossnore’s mission through experiential learning and exploratory education in the garden. We help feed and empower Crossnore youth, families, and the community. As an educational space, we offer ways for kids build resiliency by using a trauma-informed lens to deepen their experience of nature

Our History

Established in 2017, Miracle Grounds Farm sits on 100 acres at the center of the Winston-Salem campus of Crossnore Communities for Children. Volunteers work in the fields, planting and cultivating crops, and then participate in the harvest of each season. Children who live on campus at Crossnore get their hands in the soil too and are especially proud of the produce they grow.

In 2019, the Twin City Garden Club provided generous support to create an experiential and educational food forest at the entrance of Miracle Grounds Farm. This project is central to the farm and how we involve and teach kids about nature and food. We created the food forest with the elements of permaculture in mind. Our permanent beds are designed and built with supportive and sustainable ecosystems (plants that support each other). The food forest is a self-guided and interactive space that includes a meditation space, native/perennial pollinator beds, edible bed, native fruit trees and shrubs, accessible paths that are open to the public, and more.

Miracle Grounds Farm Impact

At the end of 2021, Miracle Grounds Farm accomplished the following:

Pounds of Produce Given to Cottages: 722.2 lbs.
Total Volunteers: 309
Number of Kids’ Sessions in the Garden: 13
Number of Workshops Held: 9


Miracle Grounds Farm and Food Forest are self-guided experiences that encourage curiosity and learning. It is open to the public and to schools for private educational field trips. During the year, several educational events, workshops, and experiences are provided to the kids we serve. In the past, this has ranged from natural indigo dyeing events (including harvesting the indigo and walking kids through the processing of the dye to application on materials), planting, tending, and harvesting plants in the garden, cooking classes, and small workshops based around the soil.

In the future, we will expand opportunities for Crossnore youth and our community by offering a broader range of workshops and partnered events.

Volunteer at Miracle Grounds Farm

There are many opportunities to volunteer on the farm at Crossnore Communities for Children. We are looking for individuals and groups year-round to help us with garden maintenance, growing produce, building projects, and projects for the kids.

We have a particular need for Garden Leaders, who can train to oversee scheduled times at the garden. Responsibilities will vary during the season.

Why is it important to become a Garden Leader? Miracle Grounds Farm is a special place that attracts volunteer interest from all over our community. As a leader, you will get hands-on experience in the garden and access to learning one-on-one with our farm coordinator. This is a chance for you to deepen your knowledge of organic gardening and build relationships with people in our community.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Be 16 years old or older, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Complete and sign three waivers and return them virtually or physically to the Farm Coordinator.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and bring your work gloves and water.