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Tailored Care Management

Tailored Care Management

Tailored Care Management is a service recently added to the array of services supported by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Tailored Care Management is designed to provide personalized and coordinated care for people living with complicated physical and behavioral health needs. The Tailored Care Manager is responsible for ensuring that their client’s unique needs are being met and that all treatment providers are working together.

Crossnore provides Tailored Care Management services to children, young adults, and their families. Crossnore is taking a whole-child approach to  assessment, treatment planning, and care management. Your Crossnore Tailored Care Manager will consider your child’s strengths and needs in each of the primary life domains such as: physical health, mental health, community, family, and education. Crossnore recognizes that the well-being of children and their families is impacted by all of these parts of life.

We Can Help

Crossnore’s Tailored Care Managers are here to make sure that you and your child are the center of your team’s attention. They can help you to:

  • Get connected with treatment providers who are most knowledgeable about your needs
  • Make sure that your child’s academic goals are met
  • Find resources in your community for recreation, housing, transportation, and other basic needs
  • Build a network of people who can support you
  • Make sure that the members of your team are communicating with each other frequently

And, most importantly…

  • Make sure that you and your child, your skills and strengths, and your family’s dreams drive the rest of the team’s work