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Foster Care

Crossnore Communities for Children provides a safe and stable home to children who are in the custody of the Department of Social Services.


Bridging Families© believes children belong with their families. We help birth parents and their children nurture and grow their family relationships while children are placed in our care.

As part of Bridging Families©, children in care receive professional mental health services, medical services, case management, educational assistance, recreational opportunities, and a strong support network. Birth Parents receive an organized structure for collaboration with Bridge Parents, parenting skills curriculum and coaching, psychoeducation on trauma, nurturing relationships with team members, and service access assistance. The whole family will enjoy enhanced family time in a natural environment and family therapy.

Bridge Parents are trained in trauma-informed care and bridge the gap by caring for children in a Crossnore home. Additionally, the Bridging Families© team walks alongside families during the reunification process. As part of the team, birth parents participate in planning and decision-making all along the way.

Community Foster Care

Community foster care provides licensed foster homes in a child’s community for them to live safely until they can reunify with their birth parents, another relative, or move on to adoption. Families who want to adopt are first licensed as foster families and then work with our adoption team to create a forever family for children who are eligible.

Campus-Based Foster Care

Campus-based foster care provides on-campus cottage homes for children in foster care. Children are cared for by professional cottage parents who model healthy relationship-building and support children as they define and reach their own goals.

Interwoven with campus-based foster care and therapeutic services, spiritual life at Crossnore Communities for Children is an integral part of our holistic model of care. As a Christian Sanctuary of hope and healing, we care for children in foster care physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our spiritual life programs include weekly chapel services on campus, weekly church attendance in the community, participation in spiritually-focused clubs, cottage devotionals, and small groups offered periodically. It is also our goal to walk with children in foster care as they explore their faith in ways that honor their family’s spiritual background and address spiritual questions as they arise. Additionally, we strive to help them look for and find answers to difficult questions and to love them along their faith journey.

While our spiritual faith practice is rooted in Christianity, we provide reasonable accommodations for children to practice other faith traditions.