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Center for Trauma Resilient Communities

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The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities supports organizations to embed and embody the science of trauma resilience.

How CTRC meets its mission

Applying creative resources and strategies, CTRC engages with individuals and organizations to embed and embody the science of trauma resilience into their individual and collective practice. In this way, relationships between people as well as cultures of organizations can heal and evolve into healthier and safer rhythms of association.

CTRC collaborates with organizations and communities through partnership engagement and capacity building. These partnerships revolve around a resilience framework, harnessing assets on the micro (individual), mezzo (organizational), and macro (community) levels with a focus on interconnectedness.


CTRC offers services through stages of engagement and implementation focusing on the cultivation
of shared knowledge, language, understanding, values, beliefs and culture.

These services include:

  • organizational and community readiness assessments
  • keynote addresses & introductory workshops
  • multi-day series with specialized tracks for leaders, organizational champions, and facilitators
  • implementation development and strategic planning
  • personalized consultation
  • boosters sessions
  • community of practice

Additional services may be offered based on the customized needs of our partners.

Why Culture Change is Important

Becoming trauma-informed and responsive requires a culture change for organizations and communities.


Brett Loftis

Co-Founder & Faculty, CEO of Crossnore Communities for Children

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Beatriz Vides

Co-Founder & Faculty, Senior Director of Program Development

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David McCorkle

Co-Founder & Senior Faculty

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Lina Pasquale

Executive Director, Faculty

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Jennifer Middleton

Senior Director of Research

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Marni Eisner

Director of Business Development

Rebecca Goggin

Program Coordinator

Cynthia Copeland


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Tanya Blackford

Faculty, Executive Director-Western Region at Crossnore

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Shantel Crosby


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Andrew Florence

Faculty, Director of Experiential Learning at Crossnore

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Sally Loftis


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Amy Price

Administrative Coordinator