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Center for Trauma Resilient Communities

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The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities helps organizations to embed and embody the science of trauma resilience.

How CTRC meets its mission

  • Using the current science of trauma resilience and organizational development, we move people from information to action.
  • We work with leaders to build a trauma-responsive and trauma resilient culture which helps to decrease burnout and turnover, increase compassion and accountability, and improve overall organizational health and effectiveness.
  • Workforce development begins with helping the “helpers” build resilience to chronic stress and exposure to secondary trauma while supporting leaders to implement structures for safety, self-care, and wellness.
  • Organizational capacity is built by developing internal trainers who help change the culture through our Train the Trainer curriculum, coaching, and certification.
  • Customized approaches fit your specific needs and help you move from trauma theory to creating trauma resilience.