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Center for Trauma Resilient Communities

We help build resilience, hope, and safe paths to a healthier community.

For more than 100 years, Crossnore has been one of the most trusted names in child protection as a provider of holistic care, hope, and healing for children who have experienced crisis or abuse. Our promise to all children and families is to value and accept them wholly and to devote our exceptional resources to their needs. No organization is better positioned than Crossnore Communities for Children to give vulnerable families a broad-based ecosystem of support.

Building upon our trauma-focused models of care, Crossnore created the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities (CTRC) to give groups innovative strategies to overcome systemic wounds within their organizations. In this way, Crossnore and CTRC are helping build healthier families and communities for all.

The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities was created by and is in partnership with Crossnore Communities for Children.