Volunteering on Crossnore School & Children’s Home’s campuses makes a big impact. We log an average of 500-700 volunteer hours per year per campus. Service to this community comes in a variety of difference ways. You could read with students to help fill educational gaps; utilize a special skill set or talent to teach things like music or art; develop a relationship with one of our cottages to further enhance cottage living; or support staff by offering your skills in the areas of maintenance, housekeeping and landscaping.

If you are interested in developing a deeper connection with a child, the VISITING RESOURCE program may be for you. Visiting Resources mentor a child by promoting healthy relationships, supporting the ups and downs that come along with school and college, encourage healthy decision making, and serve as a support system when a child needs a safe friends to turn to. Sharing your life and providing a positive role model play a vital part in the development of our children’s lives.

There is no better example of the power of a volunteer relationship than the story of Glenda and Bob Biggerstaff’s connection to Crossnore School & Children’s Home.

If it’s serving as a volunteer just once or multiple times, know you are making a difference in the life of a child.

For more information on becoming a volunteer or Visiting Resource, please contact:

In Crossnore, NC and surrounding areas:
Courtney Lane, Annual Giving and Outreach Coordinator
(828) 733-4305

In Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas:
Kimberly King, Director of Community Outreach
(336) 721-7600