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Germaine Galjour

Germaine Galjour is a self-taught artist of Cajun descent yet she was born in New York City. From an early age, she visited the most influential art museums of the world. It’s from this early influence that she grew up to aspire in the arts. After several years of living in France and she moved back to New Orleans where she worked in a well-known financial institution however she was always painting on the side.

She left the office after 15 years and headed to Jackson Square where she flourished as a Plein air artist. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina tossed her all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina without so much as a suitcase of clothes and her pet caged bird.

Germaine is doing well in her newfound home and has flourished as an artist, Reiki Master, published journalist, and short story author.