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Margaret Rossetti

Margaret Rossetti is a Luxury Travel Agent by trade, a cook when she wants to entertain friends and an appreciator of fine wine and gourmet foods. Along with her husband, Paul, Margaret loves living in Charlotte NC. She feels lucky to call the city home with all of its charm, hospitality, and diversity.

Because Margaret was born and raised in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts, she is also drawn to the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves. Having spent most of her summers on Cape Cod, she is fascinated by the ocean and small Cape towns. Margaret feels that art, like travel, stimulates our senses and makes us want to explore areas that are new and exciting. She has traveled extensively and also loves painting scenes from her travels. The hills of Tuscany and the Outback of Australia intrigue Margaret and always make her want to pick up a paintbrush. Most recently, Margaret has had the opportunity to explore Turkey, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Experiencing history in this most profound way has added a new dimension to her art.

Why do I paint? It’s simple. Art expresses what we feel is most important. It is a new lens, a personal interpretation of life, another layer in our experiences. It is as important as food and language in helping to understand other cultures. Margaret also believes art helps us ultimately find that we are all alike, and all yearning for friendship and beauty.