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Katherine McCarty

A native of Charlotte, NC, Katherine McCarty is a graduate of Salem College in Winston- Salem, NC (B.A. in Sociology) and has her Masters of Science inCommunity Counseling from Georgia State University in Atlanta. A graduate course in art therapy opened up an avenue of expression not previously realized. Katherine then completed the foundation courses in art at Georgia State and painting soon became her own form of therapy. Katherine’s mother was a trained artist from whom she inherited easels and supplies, as well as the love of color and painting. While living near Penland School in the NC mountains for over 20 years, Katherine enjoyed many art workshops in clay, cold wax and oil, printmaking, abstract painting, and studio painting. She and her husband recently returned to Charlotte where she has a studio in South End at Dilworth Artisan Station – Studio #26B, 118 E. Kingston Avenue.

Website: www.katherinemccartyart.com Instagram: @katherinemccarty

“Art follows life and is always evolving with one’s environment and circumstances. Originally a plein air painter, I love being in nature and am drawn to pathways and scenes in rural, out-of-the-way places. My camera records the scene – the paint brush interprets the landscape. I don’t always plan my abstract paintings, but once I get out of my thinking brain and into the right brain, bypassing the ego allows freedom of expression. When entering the terra incognita (the place of not knowing) a door opens to the mystery and the adventure of intuitive expression which the conventional spoken language cannot touch. While abstract in nature, my paintings reflect an underlying visual order and harmony.

While I don’t have the patience to do crossword or game puzzles, I can get lost in the lyrics, nuances, and complexities of painting. As a peacemaker, painting helps me sort through thoughts and feelings and make peace with the chaos in our world. For me, painting is much like cultivating a trusted friend. Over time, each layer builds depth and richness, and one can decide what to conceal and what to reveal. My goal as an artist is to convey harmony, balance, and joy.”