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Ann Melton

Ann Melton discovered clay at an early age and over time developed a wide range of ceramic techniques. She began formal ceramic studies in Manises, Spain. At Mountain Empire Community College, Ann participated in an intense two-year Studio Potter program, then went on to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. For 10 years, Ann designed for an international pewter company. She now lives on Melton Farm in Beachton, GA, and works out of “Galloping Snail Studio” where she combines the two disciplines. The resulting work is both functional and decorative which savors the uniqueness of the red hills region.

Ann formulates and mixes her stoneware and overglazes. All pieces are either thrown on a potter’s wheel, handbuilt or hand-pressed into molds Ann made from her original sculptures. All decorative motifs on the stoneware are Ann’s original designs which she has hand painted on the ware. Each piece is one of a kind.

The pewter is heirloom quality that does not contain lead and is not plated. All pewter designs and sculptures are from Ann’s original art. She makes molds from her originals and casts multiples that she polishes and assembles into jewelry, ornaments, sculptures, and combine with stoneware.