Bridging Families

Bridging Families

A Pathway to Reunification

Bridging Families believes children belong with their families. We help birth parents and their children nurture and grow their family  relationships while children are placed in our care.

As part of Bridging Families, children in care receive professional mental health services, medical services, case management, educational assistance, recreational opportunities, and a strong support network. Birth Parents receive an organized structure for collaboration with Bridge Parents, parenting skills curriculum and coaching, psychoeducation on trauma, nurturing relationships with team members, and service access  assistance. The whole family will enjoy enhanced family time in a natural environment and family therapy.

Additionally, the Bridging Families team walks alongside families during the reunification process. As part of the team, birth parents participate in planning and decision-making all along the way.

Bridge Parents are trained in trauma-informed care. While birth parents work their reunification plan, these professional parents bridge the gap by caring for children in a Crossnore home. Bridge Parents support and encourage the family journey to becoming a stronger, healthier family living together again.

Divided into five phases, Bridging Families supports the gradual return of the children to their home. Progression from one phase to the next is based on the team’s recommendation. Team recommendations also confirm that each phase aligns with all court orders regarding family visitation.

bridging families photo of two diverse families with adults and children
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