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Running to Hope
I ran away two times in my life. Once for a couple of hours, another time for a solid week. The first time I was in elementary school and got [...]
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A Lasting Impression
Growing up southern meant many things. In the summer it meant you grew tomatoes and green beans and collards. In the fall you cured country hams, rabbit hunted on Saturday, [...]
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Grace Around the Table
As a child, I especially looked forward to dinner time. If it was summer, I had been outside most of the day. It didn’t matter if it was 100 degrees [...]
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Tightly Woven Threads
On a daily basis, we walk a cultural, social, and theological field of land mines. Not the instantly explosive, flash-bang type that make the ground quake miles away, but the [...]
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Whitewater Rafting and Love that Bears
The below letter was written by our Director of Christian Education & Campus Pastor, Jim Hart, after a joint-campus whitewater rafting trip last week.  I believe yesterday was easily one [...]
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Seeds Planted in Love
Part of Cottage Parent training at Crossnore is learning about our Spiritual Life programing. Every Monday morning at 9am new cottage parents (CPs) show up at my office door, papers in hand, ready to [...]
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Racism is Trauma

Crossnore School & Children’s Home exists to be a sanctuary for children and their families and racism destroys sanctuary. Racism is trauma and is part of systemic community trauma that has long term negative impacts on people and communities of color. Crossnore believes that black lives matter, and we are committed to building an anti-racist organization and supporting the development of racial equity in our communities. 

To read more about Crossnore's stance on racial equity, the Board of Trustee's Anti-Racist Statement, and to find other resources, please click HERE

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