Author: Jim Hart

Beyond Rejection, There is Hope
Like a lot of kids these days, when I was a teen (way back when), I longed to be accepted. Oftentimes doing or saying things that were out of character [...]
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A Novel Idea
Every winter my wife Caroline and I try to have a getaway, just the two of us. Typically, we travel early in February. It’s at just the time I feel [...]
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Confidence in the Way Back
Every Monday morning at 8:30, we have a time for prayer in the campus chapel. Most Mondays, the same group of folks show up. We share about our weekends and [...]
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Running to Hope
I ran away two times in my life. Once for a couple of hours, another time for a solid week. The first time I was in elementary school and got [...]
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A Lasting Impression
Growing up southern meant many things. In the summer it meant you grew tomatoes and green beans and collards. In the fall you cured country hams, rabbit hunted on Saturday, [...]
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