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Social Worker Appreciation Month: A Reminder of this Important Work


March is Social Worker Appreciation Month! Each year, I am reminded of the important work social workers do. It’s work that is deeply rooted in empathy, humanity, and a profound commitment to social justice. Every day, social workers embark on a journey to uplift lives, often confronting adversity head-on. And they do so with unwavering determination and compassion to serve those who need it most.  

The Catalysts for Change

Social workers are not afraid to get in the throes of the messy or scary, as long as they know they are doing so for the benefit of others. They often sacrifice their own needs by putting others first. They desire to use their voices, hands, and feet to be catalysts for change.  

Yet, even amidst their endless sacrifice, they often go without recognition. Their motivation comes from an internal desire to impact others’ lives. They’re fulfilling a purpose, a calling. Social Workers are often the individuals in the background doing tireless work at all hours of the day. They are the unsung heroes and the silent pillars of support. They sometimes get the blame they don’t deserve, and don’t get the credit they do. Even still, they press on; they empathize; they advocate.

The Motivation for the Journey

I began my social work journey almost 2 decades ago.  I take pride that a big part of who I am is rooted in social work.   For me, social work means making a difference. I, along with my colleagues, am a catalyst for change, an advocate for what’s right. We support those in need and help heal what’s broken.   Being a social worker is woven into every part of who I am.  I cannot imagine not wanting to make the world a better place.  Other social workers can relate to some of these meanings of the work.  I also imagine other individuals who would not self identify as a social worker can also relate to these words.   

Things We Can Do

In honor of social work appreciation month this year, I encourage each of us to do three things.

  • Remember. The history of social work is deep.  It’s filled with stories of human rights champions, civil rights activists, family advocates, community change leaders, and social justice heroes.  Social work is rooted in the goodness of humanity.  We have a rich history of social work advocates to learn from. Let’s remember the trail they left us to follow.   
  • Reflect.  Each of us can be a social change agent in our own way, even if we don’t call ourselves social workers.  We can come alongside and listen, support, and advocate. We each can be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. We can each reflect on how we can make a difference.
  • Reach out. If you know a social worker, reach out to them. Even if you feel your words won’t be enough. I can promise you–they matter and social workers need to hear our gratitude.

We Thank You!

So, as a tribute to all the social workers out there, we thank you.  We see you in our schools, neighborhoods, DSS offices, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, counseling centers, crisis centers, and a host of other community agencies.  We could not do what we do to serve children and families without your tireless dedication, resilience, and continued belief in the importance of the work you do every day.