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Kim Penney

Kim Penney has taken photographs for more than 50 years. She received her first camera at the age of 10 when her family moved from Pennsylvania to Thailand for a year.  Little did she know what adventure awaited her.

She loved photography so much that she majored in photojournalism at The Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. Her minor was Art Appreciation. These two interests go hand in hand with her work today. Kim does not set up photographs but rather always anticipates a beautiful image with stunning light or a graphic display when out hiking the mountains of North Carolina or riding the back roads.

Before selling her fine art photographs, Kim did commercial photography in Orlando and Raleigh. In 1998 she started her own portrait and wedding photography business that was known for its un-posed, captured moments and faces in black and white film.

Traveling has always been part of Kim’s life. Whether shooting for missions in Orlando, Madagascar, the Amazon, Dominican Republic, or on trips with her family, Kim loves the discovery of new places.

Being blessed to live in Banner Elk five months out of the year, Kim has continued to discover the beauty of the high country. Her eye is not her own. God has blessed her with a keen eye to see beauty and wonder, line and design, and of course light.

Kim’s photographs are in corporate collections and homes across the country. She had two successful shows at The Art Cellar Gallery in Banner Elk and a Pop Up Show at Diamond Creek. A portion of her sales always benefits charities since God gave her a vision that her photography was for art and mission.

Artist’s Statement

“Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord….”

Ever since I  was a child I have always loved getting into nature or playing in the dirt. It helps bring me balance, peace, and energy and fills my heart with gratitude as I appreciate the fine details and awesomeness of our Creator. Now being in the mountains surrounded by such a variety of trees, I delight to discover their changing colors, varied textures, and unique shapes forged by the wind and light. Each season has its own expression. Hiking up and down the trails, around the lakes, or driving in the early foggy mornings, the trees capture my attention and I create photographs with my cameras that will keep that memory. The reflections on lakes are like abstract paintings to me; a ripple of color and shape ever-changing but frozen in an instant when I trip the shutter.

Tree Psalms:

I have done a series of blurred photographs of trees. It came about on a morning when I was having my quiet time and was watching the wind blow through the trees outside my window. It’s as if the trees were singing a song of praise. I decided to try to capture their movement. The slow-motion movement accentuated their shape and colors and became a beautiful psalm.