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Anne Colavita

Anna Oberc Colavita (Anne) was born in Rymanow Dzroj, Poland, one of a long line of folk artists.

Although Anne has had a deep appreciation for the arts all her life, she chose nursing as her profession and became an RN in 1977. A new chapter in her life ensued when she retired from nursing to raise her family in 1982.

Anne found avenues for artistic expression in all aspects of her life while raising 4 children. Decorating a birthday cake or sculpting clay was an excuse to play with color, composition, and design. Seeing the world in vivid, living color, she instinctively was drawn to gardening and became a master gardener, studied Horticulture, and became a Certified Landscape Designer. Arts and crafts seemed second nature, as she became a talented weaver, designing her own blankets and throws, and taught knitting. Fiber arts continued to capture her imagination, and her exquisite quilts are treasured by family and friends who value them as precious works of art. Anne realized that her desire to learn all she could about color theory and composition was undeniable as she designed her own quilts.

With her fourth child preparing for college, she had time to devote to her lifelong passion of art and she became a student at the Braitman Studio, in Charlotte, NC in January 2008. She discovered within the complexity and vibrancy of oil painting a challenging, fulfilling passion. There, she had the privilege of studying with Susan Matthews and nationally recognized and renowned artist Andy Braitman for over 4 years.

She presently has the privilege of being a student of nationally renowned Contemporary Landscape Artist Curt Butler since May 2011, at the Butler Studio in Gastonia, NC. She has taken numerous workshops and classes with artists including Miriam Durkin and Greg Barnes.

Anne is married to Dr. Paul Colavita. They have four grown children who are her most cherished friends.