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Anis Star Crofts

I work entirely from life in natural light without the use of photographs, or artificial lighting. Not only do I paint an object but I am engulfed by it. I spend hours with these things, these people, in these places, in stillness.

The ultimate aim of my work as a draftsman and a painter is to express my feelings about life as I live it through the subtlety or weight of each piece. To explore the grand themes we universally deal with and the seemingly insignificant ones that affect each person differently. I want to try and get to know each person I come in contact with, connect with the changing landscape, and embrace the smallest moments in time. To appreciate the details, the people, and the things that go unnoticed—-to speak about their depth and importance and create an environment of understanding, something that would allow the miracle of empathy to take place, where human beings can rise out of themselves and extend into another’s experience. My work represents small pieces of my life; the places, the people, and the harsh or delicate nature of each moment. They are my humble observations as I admire the beauty of life. A way of contributing my findings and honoring, as well as challenging, everything that I have been taught.