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Family Matters: Crossnore’s Family Preservation Services


Family. It’s one of the most fundamental structures that impacts our physical and psychological development. It’s where we first learn that we are seen, heard, and valued. Family sets the foundation of belonging, trust, and self-worth. It is one of our most prominent influences in our belief systems, about ourselves and the world. Family matters. 

Staying with Family: Prevention Services

Crossnore’s Prevention Department was birthed in 2021, with a goal of strengthening families and preventing separation of families whenever possible. Our initial team of one has now grown to a team of nine dedicated staff members. These team members are committed to providing high quality care to families to fulfill the goal of keeping families together as long as it is safe to do so. In addition to preventing separation of birth families, we have grown our services. We also work to help prevent unnecessary separation in foster or adoptive families. And also help families reunify successfully when a separation has occurred.

Crossnore’s Homebuilders and Family Foundations programs are working hard to try to help families stay together. These in-home programs work with children and families at highest risk of separation. Staff members on these teams are trained in cognitive and behavioral strategies. They are also trained in the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model of building healthy attachment. Utilizing this model, they can effectively teach caregivers skills and help build supports needed to be a safe and healthy family system.

Making a Difference

In the last 18 months these programs have served 54 of the most at-risk children and their families in the Triad region. These families often have heightened risk due to histories of challenges. These can include parental substance use, acute mental health needs, domestic violence, trauma exposure, inappropriate discipline, inadequate supervision, and truancy concerns. 

In 82% of cases, Crossnore’s Prevention Teams have supported the families in addressing safety concerns and learning the skills needed to keep their families together. We are currently in the planning stages of expanding these services into our western campuses. We are excited to serve our Avery and Hendersonville communities in the upcoming year.

Thank you!

We’d like to take a moment to thank our donors who make these programs possible. Our Homebuilders program, which serves children and families at highest, immediate, and imminent risk of removal, has been entirely donor funded since its inception. Without these services, these children would have been placed in foster care. They would have experienced the compound trauma of family separation. However, because of the support of our generous donors, we have been able to bridge the gap, build necessary skills and supports, and let these children know:  Family matters.