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Changing Lives through Day Treatment Services


Crossnore’s Day Treatment program does amazing work. Passionate, all-in staff members make up the program. And they are committed to doing whatever it takes to walk them to success. The children in this program have been unsuccessful in their traditional school environment. They come to Kingswood for a period of time – usually a minimum of six months – to learn the skills and coping mechanisms they need to go back to their home schools and be successful.

Our Day Treatment counselors, therapists, and case managers work tirelessly to teach these students how to cope with their environment, teachers, peers, and their own emotions. Services include individual therapy, group therapy, in-class counselor support, and more. It’s exhausting, yet rewarding work. Some days are filled with positive emotions and incredible breakthroughs. Other days are long and often discouraging.

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Recently, a mother sent in the following email. It reminds us, on the hard days, that this work we’re doing is so important and truly does make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

A mother’s story.

Day treatment and therapy at Crossnore have changed our lives completely. Before coming to Crossnore, everyday was a struggle. As a single mother with both an autistic child with ADHD and an infant, it was tough juggling everything on my own. 

Before we moved to Winston-Salem, it was difficult to find the resources we needed to ensure that Jody was receiving the education and support he needed. Once we made the move to Winston-Salem to be closer to family, I noticed things were just getting worse. Dealing with a death in the family, family struggles, and a transition to a new school, new city, and new home would be hard for anyone. I noticed that it was definitely taking a toll on my son, but I didn’t really know what to do.

The transition to Kingswood.

Fortunately the elementary school he transitioned to, Frank Morgan Elementary, was excellent. Their Exceptional Children’s program and teachers were fully involved with giving Jody the best education they could. They also took notice he was having a tough time, and that’s when the recommended sessions with Angela Squire

The therapy sessions made a definite impact, but we all agreed he just needed a bit more help to get where he needed to be. The decision was made for Jody to make one more transition to Kingswood which is based on Crossnore’s campus. There, he would be able to attend the day treatment program and have more regular sessions in therapy. When Angela changed positions, Jody was transitioned to Kristina Beck for therapy, and they became the best of friends.

Everyone at Kingswood and Crossnore were 100% on board and kept me in the loop on all of his treatments and progress. With the skills I’ve learned from Keegan, Kristina, and Angela in the day treatment program and the skills Jody learned as well, things have drastically improved. 

A beautiful change.

a little boy, jody, with a ropes course harness Jody went from a quiet child who couldn’t fully express his feelings to a talkative, active, kid who is now teaching his five year old brother how to use his words and ask for help. Seeing the change in him over the time he’s spent at Crossnore and in the day treatment program has been truly amazing. He’s even inspired me to step out of my own comfort zone and try things I never thought I’d do. 

The Day Treatment program at Crossnore was one of the best things to happen to our family and we will take all of the lessons learned with us for the rest of our lives.

We are so thankful to Brittney for sharing her story. And we are incredibly proud of Jody. Also, a huge shout out to the Kingswood staff and teachers for being our partners in this program. The children’s success would not be possible without all of you! 

If you would like to find out more about our Day Treatment program, visit https://www.crossnore.org/day-treatment.

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