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Case managers are the hub of students’ teams


Their doors are almost always open. Yeah, it’d be easier if kids made appointments to see them. But they don’t. More likely, they will run into the admin building and burst into their case manager’s office as if their very life depended on the next few minutes. And sometimes it does.

Crossnore’s Case Managers are the hub of each student’s team. They manage each student’s case as liaison between guardians, social workers, cottage parents, teachers and school administrators. They take kids to court and to doctor’s appointments. They supervise family visitation. In conjunction with other team members, case managers make sure they have an accurate assessment of their kids’ needs and access to the services needed to meet those needs.

We see the hope and healing begin. – Leah Powell, Case Manager

Casemgrmeeting 2

A case manager’s job is to make everyone else’s job a little easier, so you will find case managers to be persistent advocates for their kids. When a kid comes flying into their office unexpectedly, case managers have learned to have an even-keeled attitude. And because so many of our kids have been let down by the adults in their lives, case managers feel strongly about meeting kids where they are with unconditional love.

One of the reasons our kids feel so comfortable in their case manager’s office is that they feel heard. Case managers work hard to have good communication with the student and all on the student’s team. They then translate all the information they receive to the right people.

We feel like miracle workers when we advocate for these kids. – Crystal Buff, Case Manager

As with all the services we offer, the Case Management team wants kids who leave Crossnore to do so as whole individuals…to be able to fully function outside Crossnore.

We see them as whole human beings, and trust they have become even more whole by the time they leave us. – Bet Levine, Director of Case Manager


Here’s what our students have to say about their case managers:

I love my case manager because she cares about me and gets everything done that I ask her to. Melanie, 18

My case manager sets up appointments to make sure that I am cared for. She also keeps me updated on everything that is going on. Brooklyn, 15

My case manager keeps me safe and cares about me. Jazmine, 6

She pushes me to be the best I can in life. Julie, 18

Her #1 priority is the student and what we need always comes first. Jessie, 18

My case manager helps me get through the day and talks to me when I am upset. She also will meet with me when I have questions. Brittany, 13

My case manager helps me by asking me if I am doing good. Alonna, 7

She is always quick about responding back to me whenever I contact her. Brittany, 18

For more information about the Case Management team, contact Bet Levine, Director of Case Management at (828) 733-4305 or blevine@crossnoreschool.org.