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Staff Spotlight: Yvette Floyd


Yvette Floyd was born and raised in Winston-Salem and joined Crossnore as a Cottage Parent four years ago. She now serves as an Assistant Residential Director on our Winston campus.

Memorable Moments

Yvette says her favorite part of the job is being able to serve different children and being a positive role model in their lives. “I love seeing them grow throughout the time they are here with us,” she says. One of her favorite moments as a Cottage Parent was several years ago when she and her cottage partner took all nine of their children to the state fair. “They had never been before. We had extra helping hands, and it went great. No one got lost and nobody threw up!”

Another moment that really stands out is a time when they took all nine cottage kids to Cracker Barrel for dinner. They had 11 in all, including the two cottage parents. A married couple sitting at the table next to them smiled and laughed all through the meal at the funny things the kids were saying. Before they knew it, the couple had paid for their entire dinner – all 11 of them! Yvette was able to run through the store, hug them, and thank them for their incredible kindness.

Open Hearts

Since coming to Crossnore, Yvette has been surprised at how loving the children are, even after having experienced so much trauma.. “Even though they’ve been through so much,” she says, “they are still willing to let us in. I consistently see growth in their lives.” She says, when a new child first comes to Crossnore, it can be a trying time for everyone. “Not only are they getting used to us, but we’re getting used to them. We have to ‘learn’ each child.” And that is certainly one of Yvette’s greatest gifts – opening her heart to learn and love each child as an individual, right where they are.

When not at Crossnore, Yvette loves to go out to eat and spend time with her family. When restrictions are lifted, she looks forward to traveling again and going to concerts.

Valuable Lessons

Yvette says that she hopes, in her time here, to teach the kids to live in each moment. “I want them to learn to live and love and laugh through different obstacles.” Yvette knows that these children – and all of us – will always have challenges, but she wants to help them learn to breathe through those hard times and to help them keep a healthy perspective. They’ve taught her too – the importance of savoring each moment and valuing what you have right now.

“It is such an honor to be a part of these kids’ lives while they’re still young,” says Yvette. “I love to see them learning, growing, and flourishing. And I feel so supported by staff. They believe in me and always encourage me.” Yvette certainly provides that encouragement for others too – both staff and children. She is truly a treasure, and we are so thankful she is part of the Crossnore family.