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As we bid farewell to another transformative year, we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude. We have experienced unwavering support that fuels our mission to make a difference in the lives of children and families in our care. As we reflect on the past twelve months, we feel a deep sense of accomplishment, hope, and a renewed commitment to the future.

Numerous milestones marked this year that speak volumes about the collective dedication of our community. From Hendersonville to Avery County, Winston-Salem to the Metrolina region, together, we have done so much.

Empowered Dreams

We have empowered dreams. Through our educational, experiential learning, spiritual life and recreational programs, we’ve witnessed children unlocking their potential and reaching for their dreams. This past year, Our Miracle Heights Adventures (MHA) program served more than 343 children. MHA engages groups in experiential learning activities that embody the spirit of adventure, build resilience, and empower collective success. Whether children are pursuing higher education, discovering a passion for the arts, or excelling in sports, the resilience of these young souls has been nothing short of inspiring.

Strengthened Support Networks

We have strengthened our support networks. Our focus on community engagement has helped bolster our local networks for support. This has created resources and partnerships that extend far beyond the physical boundaries of our campuses and services spaces. In Hendersonville, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. We expanded our reach with embedded Crossnore therapists in most Henderson County Schools. We also partnered with the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities (CTRC) and Hendersonville backbone agencies to provide trauma resiliency training to front-line workers. In Winston-Salem, the State of North Carolina approved our application to open a charter school. This school will be uniquely qualified to provide trauma-informed education to children in our residential programs and surrounding community.

Our campus in Avery County recently completed renovations on a fifth Bridging Family home. Our teams are ready to support another family on their path to reunification. All of these efforts come together to form a united front to ensure that no child feels alone on their journey. This past year, our network of community support provided more than $200,000 of in-kind gifts for children and families served by Crossnore. DAR chapters across the state and country continue to generously bless our organization. We are enormously grateful.

Laid the Groundwork for the Future

We have laid the groundwork for the future. With the launch of our $41 million dollar comprehensive campaign, The Promise of Home, we have positioned ourselves to be the preeminent leader in trauma-informed care for North Carolina children who find themselves part of the child welfare system. Donors are enabling us to realize a future of hope and healing for children who deserve nothing less.   

Stories of Resilience

The heart of our organization lies in the stories of resilience that unfold every day. This year, we’ve been privileged to witness countless tales of triumph over adversity. From the child who discovered a love for science to the teenager who found solace in art therapy, each narrative is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and care. One family’s journey touched us especially deeply, when a sibling set of four were able to reunite with their mother through support of the Bridging Families program. The family is doing great, and we continue to be in their corner should they ever need extra support.  

Gratitude for Our Community

None of our achievements would be possible without the incredible community that stands with us. To our dedicated volunteers who invest their time and energy, our generous donors who believe in the potential of every child, and our committed staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes – thank you. For 2024, we look forward to creating even more stories of hope and resilience.

Looking Forward

As we step into a new year, our commitment to fostering hope remains unwavering. We have ambitious plans for the future, including expanding our programs, reaching more children in need, and continuing to be a beacon of light for those navigating the challenges of foster care. The need has never been greater and our community of support continues to answer the call to action. This is The Promise of Home.