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National “Love Your Pet” Day!


Today is National “Love Your Pet” Day, so we asked our cottages to submit photos and descriptions of their dogs. Each cottage has a dog, and they provide so much love, support, and FUN for our kids on a daily basis.

Florence Cottage:

Meet Sugar. She is a sweet girl, who LOVES to be petted and cuddled. Her favorite thing to do when she sees someone is to lie down on her back for a belly rub. We lovingly call her “Pogo” because when she walks, she brings up her left back leg and hops down the street, bouncing on her right leg.

Tise Cottage:

This is our beloved dog, Sweet. She is a Lab and Rottweiler mix. She got the name “Sweet” because she loves to eat sweets. She is so spoiled and loves to get everyones’s attention… and everyone’s food! She loves hugs, long walks, and lying on our cottage couch.


Crain Cottage:

This is our dog, Sugar Bear. Sugar Bear is a Sheltie who is very loving and oh so cute!

Atwell Cottage:

This is our dog, Hank. Hank is playful, energetic, affectionate, and social. We really love how patient Hank is when the little ones are learning how to pet him or when they bombard him with toys, wanting to play.

Grace Cottage:

This is Cookie! Cookie loves her people, milk bones, exploring the mountain, and her fellow cottage dogs. She is very social and her best friends are Marcy and Benny. Cookie shows her affection to her people by singing to them and licking their knees. She likes to follow the Cottage Parents to the kids’ rooms at night for bedtime stories and prayers. We love Cookie and her silly, affectionate personality!

Beverly Cottage:

This is Marcia, our sweet Lab. We recently had two boys arrive at the cottage at 5:00 in the morning. They were eight and six years old and obviously scared. Marcia was the first “person” in the cottage they met. In her typical style, she came up to the boys, head down, tail wagging madly. The boys bent down and were greeted with big doggy kisses all over their faces. Those two boys went to bed and slept well knowing they were loved and safe.

Gilchrist Cottage:

This is our good boy, Rudy! He enjoys long walks and sniffing everything. Rudy loves when our girls give him attention and feed him treats. He also enjoys chasing squirrels, barking at cars, and playing in the snow.

Lewis Cottage:

This is our sweet dog, Bear, whom we recently lost. Bear was the sweetest and most loving dog. He loved everyone, but ESPECIALLY the kids in his cottage. The large gravestone was painted by the Cottage Mom, Stacey, and the butterflies are made from the kids thumbprints. The smaller rocks were painted by the kids to put around Bears grave. We miss him so much!

We love our cottage dogs so much and are so thankful to our organization and CEO who understand the healing power of a dog friend. Happy National “Love Your Pet” Day! Go give your pets some snuggles and thank God for these sweet family members.