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Brett A. Loftis, CEO Shares The Children’s Home Story


The Western North Carolina Conference, United Methodist Church  held their annual conference at Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center on June 16-19, 2016. Conference attendees were inspired by worship and teaching sessions and attended business sessions to learn about issues facing the United Methodist Church today.

Brett A. Loftis April 2016Brett A. Loftis, CEO, of The Children’s Home spoke at the Thursday Conference Plenary Business session about the future of The Children’s Home and how the Western Conference churches can continue playing a vital role in helping support the children we serve.

When thinking about the needs of The Children’s Home, many people conclude that we just need money. And we do. But there are many other ways to support the work we do.

Churches from the Western Conference and their members can help out by:

Praying. Our children and our staff need your daily prayers.

Sharing our story. Tell others about The Children’s Home. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Invite a member of our Advancement team to speak to your church or group.

Volunteer. You can volunteer as an individual, family, or group.

Becoming a foster or adoptive family. There are many children who are waiting for homes and families.

And yes, making a donation. Caring for children is not inexpensive and your monetary donation goes a long way towards supporting our children.

To hear Brett Loftis’ speech at the Annual Conference, purchase DVDs and CDs HERE. Mr. Loftis’ speech is in the first THU Conference Plenary Business Session DVD.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Kim MacPherson at (336) 721-7623 or kmacpherson@tchome.org.

For more information about donations or to invite a guest speaker, contact Brandon Cathey at (336) 721-7675 or bcathey@tchome.org.

For more information about foster care and adoption, contact Adam Gamache at (336) 721-7657 or agamache@tchome.org.