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Getting to know The Children’s Home


TheChildrensHomeLogoHopefully by now you have heard the news of our new affiliation with The Children’s Home in Winston-Salem, NC, but you may be wondering just who is The Children’s Home?

Founded in 1909 by the Western Conference, United Methodist Church, The Children’s Home has served children for more than a century. The Children’s Home is located on 212 acres on the edge of downtown Winston-Salem presenting an idyllic setting in which to offer hope and healing. The campus is home to cottages, administrative offices, a school, a chapel, and The Farm.

The Children’s Home has a staff of about 80 professionals dedicated to providing hope and healing to children in need and is supported by a large base of donors and volunteers.

The Children’s Home offers the following services…

  • Restart provides state-of-the art substance abuse program in a residential setting. The current capacity is eight students and the program is projected to be at capacity by mid-March.
  • Kingswood Day Treatment Program provides students an opportunity to work on issues and behaviors that may be interfering with their success at home, or in community or school environments. There are currently 22 students enrolled in Day Treatment with another 14 students in the admission process. This program operates out of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school, Kingswood School, located on The Children’s Home campus. Kingswood School is home to 65 students which includes those enrolled in the Day Treatment program.
  • Residential Respite offers respite care for students who need a break from their current living situation and an opportunity to have their needs thoroughly assessed. The program has been on “pause” since early January while the team has participated in training. The capacity for this program is 10 students and we expect to be near capacity by the end of March.


  • Intensive In-Home Services is a time-limited, structured family approach to dealing with children and adolescents currently at significant risk for out-of-home placement due to their own mental health and/or substance abuse issues. These services are delivered primarily in the clients’ homes or community. Intensive In-Home Services currently has one team with eight students and is exploring the option to add additional teams to serve more students.
  • Outpatient Therapy Services uses a family-centered and strengths-based approach. Our three licensed outpatient therapists work with children and families to help them learn new strategies to overcome the challenges they face together. Outpatient Therapy services currently serves 100 children, with other admissions in progress.
  • Traditional Foster Care provides students an alternative family home when they are unable to live in their natural homes for a variety of reasons. These foster homes are licensed and trained through our Foster Care and Adoption program and new foster families are currently being recruited for a new training class to begin later this spring. We currently serve 28 students in traditional foster homes with admissions continuing for additional students.
  • hands-togetherTherapeutic Foster Care provides a foster care home setting for students who need more intensive services. This often includes more one-on-one services than traditional foster homes or group home settings can provide. We currently serve 9 students in therapeutic foster care homes with admission continuing for additional students.
  • The Farm at The Children’s Home is an integral part of The Children’s Home, as well as a valuable community resource. The animals at The Farm are also part of the therapeutic program for children of The Children’s Home as they help motivate our children to seek out ways to manage life’s adversities. The Farm will be used as a vocational classroom for our children, and proceeds from The Farm help to support the mission of The Children’s Home.