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Feature a Falcon – Holly Bridgeo


Our students miss their teachers so much during this time, and our teachers miss their students! We’d love to feature one of our amazing teachers today. Meet Mrs. Holly Bridgeo, Kindergarten teacher at Williams Academy, our charter school on our Avery County campus.

What grade do you teach?


How long have you been at Williams Academy?

This is my second year at Williams Academy.

How has Crossnore impacted your life?

Crossnore has impacted my life greatly, as my husband Ryan and I were both Cottage Parents here for six years, from 1998-2004. It has shaped how I interact with people of all ages, as you never know what someone has gone through in life. It has encouraged me to love others regardless of their behavior. Love has the power to change hearts, to provide belonging and security. This background of residential care has overflowed into my classroom.

What do you love most about your job?

It feels like coming home! I love the opportunity to be part of a strong team of people who have dedicated their lives to helping children and impacting the future of the students we serve.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family at their sporting events, swimming, or hiking. I also give a lot of time to my church and have traveled to several different countries on mission trips. 

What would you still like to learn/do in your life?

I would love to learn how to Scuba Dive! I also hope to one day publish some of my own children’s literature!

What are your favorites?

Colors: Turquoise and Red
Books: Spiritual Growth and Children’s Books (I love to read to my students!)
Movies: Old Disney Movies like Swiss Family Robinson and Pollyanna

What is the most important lesson you hope to teach your students?

I hope to teach them that learning is fun and can take place in and outside of the classroom!

LOVE has the power to change HEARTS, to provide belonging and SECURITY.