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Back to School with Our Day Treatment Program


Almost two weeks into the new school year in Winston-Salem, and we are so thankful to have our students in person. Like so many, our Day Treatment students have experienced a year and a half of “weird.” They’ve vacillated between online and in-person schooling, wearing masks all day, every day when physically present. Those safety precautions are still in place, but we’ll take in-person any day to get to see those eyes crinkling in a smile under that protective piece of cloth!

What is Day Treatment?

Crossnore’s Day Treatment program operates out of Kingswood Academy, an alternative Winston-Salem Forsyth County School that meets in a school building on our campus. Day Treatment is for those students who have been unsuccessful in their traditional home school, and are working to return there. Kingswood offers specially trained teachers, smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one and specialized instruction for students.

Crossnore’s Day Treatment program provides therapeutic services to middle and high school students. This can come in many forms. We provide adventure-based counseling, trauma-informed care, group sessions and more. “Group” focuses on peer interactions, emotion management, and coping skills. Crossnore also offers individual, family, and group therapy. Our hope is that within 6 months to a year, students can return to their traditional school with the growth, healing, and skills they need to be successful.

New school year excitement.

Our Day Treatment staff is amazing, and we are so thankful for the work they do each day. The first of the year comes with new opportunities, a clean slate, and an excitement for all the great things to come. Sarah Cable, Assistant Director of Day Treatment, says, “It’s exciting to see new faces. We go into each year needing to find out what motivates our students. It’s also great to see returning students serve as role models to the new ones.”

Our 6th-12th grade staff is focused on creating a sense of belonging. We want to ensure that everyone feels loved and included. This sense of welcome and belonging began this past summer when clients participated in our Summer Enrichment camp.

Success already!

high school students working at desks

One student in particular benefitted so much from camp. She had only been virtual previously, but when she came to camp, was able to develop a connection and bond with staff members. Sarah says, “She was supposed to go to her home school this fall, but she advocated to attend Kingswood so she could continue receiving Day Treatment support.” In a recent Sanctuary site visit, this student shared with interviewers how much April and Angie, two of our Counselors, meant to her. “They saved my life,” she said.

We had another middle school client who never participated in group sessions last school year. However, she did connect and participate fully during summer programming. Now, in the new year, she continues to participate daily in group. This is a huge success! Staff report that middle school groups are going smoothly. Sarah says, “The clients have been able to speak openly and honestly about their struggles. They have actively participated when picking their goals for the week they want to work on.”

An incredible staff.

Leon Moore, Day Treatment Supervisor, loves his staff and the fact that they show up every day, determined to make a difference. “There are days they give everything for very little return. They are so resilient.” With the staff members’ help, he knows that the students can be successful. “We want them to see their true potential and to grow,” he says. “Often we see some of the toughest kids becoming the leaders!”

We have such high hopes for our students this year. With the awesome faculty and teachers of Kingswood and the hardworking, resilient staff of Crossnore, our children are sure to grow. We are privileged to walk with them for however long they are here.

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