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Volunteer Spotlight – Mark Serosky


Mark Serosky has spent his life in service to others and he’s doing the same in his retirement by investing in the children of Crossnore. Mark served as the County Parks and Recreation Director in Forsyth County for 37 years before his retirement a few years ago. Winston-Salem has been his home since the age of 10 and he graduated from Reynolds High School. Obviously, it’s clear that Mark has loved this community for a long time. 

A heart for kids.

In fact, Mark and his wife, Sallie, adopted two children when they were three and four years old. Mark said, “It was just a good thing to do.” The children did have some special needs, but Mark and Sallie cared for them and raised them to be independent. Today, they each live on their own and still bring a smile to Mark’s face as he thinks about all they have accomplished. 

After retirement, Mark and his wife, Sallie, volunteered with Meals on Wheels, delivering meals to shut-ins. Sadly, Sallie passed away about two years ago and Mark began to look for other ways to be involved. He soon learned that Crossnore needed volunteers from an article in the newspaper and realized he had lots of experience that could be put to good use.

After completing the volunteer application and background check, Mark went right to work. His first job was painting the interior of a staff house and he’s since moved on to all kinds of maintenance work, including rock work and grounds maintenance. Just like clockwork, he shows up every Tuesday and puts in a good eight-hour day, if not more.

When asked why he feels so strongly about volunteering at Crossnore, Mark replied, “It’s giving back to this community. If my work saves the organization some money, that’s more money that can be used for care of the children.”  

“It’s giving back to this community. If my work saves the organization some money, that’s more money that can be used for care of the children.”

Faithful service.

Steven Nakagawa, Director of Facilities, says that Mark is an amazing volunteer. “He even came twice this week, worried that the weather will be bad next week. He’s awesome. Invaluable.”

We are so incredibly thankful for Mark’s hard work on our Winston-Salem campus. Should you drive by any Tuesday, you will see him out working non-stop for the betterment of our campus, and ultimately the betterment of our children. Crossnore could not serve children the way we do without amazing volunteers like Mark. Thank you, Mark, for your tireless commitment to our campus and to our kids!

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