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Reflecting on the Magic of Giving


This is the time of year when many of us find ourselves reflecting on the events of the past year. Our individual experiences may run the gamut from laughing, loving, losing, and living. We look forward, with anticipation, to holidays spent with those we love and the promise of new beginnings. At Crossnore Communities for Children, we are just like you. A big difference may be that we get to experience this euphoric feeling of gratitude all year long. It is truly a gift that you, our donors and supporters, bless us with everyday. 

Exceeding our Giving Tuesday Goal

Recently, we embarked on a #GivingTuesday campaign. Known as the global day of giving the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we set a goal of raising $40,000.00. Before we could even launch, our dear friends, The Perkinsons from Augusta, GA, offered a $20,000 donation match. Instantly, other donors would have the impact of their contribution doubled. We were well on our way to our goal. 

Also, The Griggs from Charlotte, NC, offered a generous $10,000 gift to inspire others to give. This campaign quickly gained momentum on #GivingTuesday. And when we tallied our donations, not only did we meet our goal, we EXCEEDED it! YOU raised $80,000.00 in support of Promise Scholarships: Bridge (residential living), Thrive (therapeutic services), and Discover (adventure-based counseling).

The Love of Our Community

Year-long support continues to roll in with our Fostering Communities partners. The magic of giving translated into $136,000 worth of in-kind donations, and relationships with 10 host churches and 26 partner churches. We are also blessed by the time and talents of our amazing volunteers who help with everything from donating supplies to helping maintain our Miracle Grounds Garden and attending our farm animals. When we say, “it takes a village,” we are talking about the importance of communities, neighbors, and friends. You are all so important to the children we serve and their experiences here residentially and in community foster homes. 

magic of giving

The Magic of Giving Provides All of This

It is because of all of this amazing support that we are able to provide for the children in our care for as long as they are with us. Here are some of the ways we passionately serve our children and families and strive be good stewards of your generosity:  

  • More than 160 children served in community foster homes.
  • More than 275 children served on our residential campuses.
  • More than 9,300 outpatient therapy visits, among all three of our locations.
  • Thrive scholarships provide children the critical trauma-informed care they require. These make up the difference between government reimbursement and actual cost of care.
  • Innovative Family Preservation services work with children and families at risk of, entering into, and transitioning out of foster care.
  • Miracle Heights Adventures, an experiential learning program, builds resilience and empowers collective success. Not only for the children we serve, but also for groups and organizations in our community.
  • Our Youth Independent Living (YIL) program assists youth who are transitioning out of foster care. As these young people turn 18, they decide for themselves to stay with Crossnore, taking advantage of our YIL services. These students work and/or attend school, benefit from life skills education, receive housing assistance, learn to manage their finances, and continue working toward becoming successfully independent.
magic of giving

A Century of Incredible Impact

For more than 100 years, Crossnore has provided a sanctuary of hope and healing for children as we rebuild their faith in home. In our commitment to provide vital and comprehensive, holistic, trauma-informed care, your generosity and support make all the difference. Your generous giving contributes 40% of our total operating budget. Forty percent! We literally CANNOT do what we do without you.  

For those of us lucky enough to be part of the Crossnore work family, we continue to be motivated and inspired by your generous love and support of our children and families. Every single day.   

YOU are our MAGIC!