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In-Kind Donations. What do we need the most?


Crossnore was able to provide holiday gifts and support to more than 350 clients and families served between our residential, foster care, clinical services, and preventative services across western North Carolina. In the end, we had more than enough because hundreds of individuals and groups from around the country chipped in and did what they could, large or small. 

The power of your reach.

Each year we receive in-kind donations from around the world. Whether an Advent Calendar from Germany or zebra print bedsheets purchased from Amazon, we are grateful for your donations. Many people want to know more about where these donations go and how we use them. 

As you can imagine, with over 300 clients (ages 0-26), we have lots of needs. From diapers to dorm rooms, we provide it all. Oversight of in-kind donations rests on the shoulders of our Fostering Communities Team. We work to ensure that each department and service has what they need to support the children and families we serve. Donations of needed items free up monies to be spent on other budgeted items. With three very distinct campuses come three different ways of handling donated items.  

Donations for our Avery campus.

Our Avery campus, located in Crossnore, has the largest number of residential clients. With as many as 98 residential children, and the nearest Big Box Store 20 miles away, our needs are great. This means we are almost always in need of the “basics”. That includes twin-sized bedding, pillows, towels and washcloths, multi-sport helmets and pads, and new clothing. These items are stored in a location called the Birdcage until they are needed. 

Fun Fact: The Birdcage received its name when our founder, Dr. Mary Martin Sloop, stored new and special donations in the attic of one of our original buildings. That attic was lined with wire to help keep out the squirrels and birds, hence the name Birdcage. Today, the birdcage is a series of rooms that contain everything a child might need when they come to us. Even if a child has nothing, we are ready to provide shoes, clothing, bedding, school uniforms, and supplies at a moment’s notice. All items stored in the Birdcage are brand new. 

hanging racks with new with tags prom dresses

The Blair Fraley Sales Store

On the Avery campus, we can resell donations of used items at the Blair Fraley Sales Store. Items in good condition are sorted, priced, and sold to the community in a fundraising tradition that dates back to our founding. Originally, items not appropriate or immediately needed for our students were offered for sale to the public on the Sloop’s front porch! Thanks to the Sales Store, we can accept items that we would otherwise not be able to use. Each item sold means much-needed cash to meet the needs of all of our programs. If you live within 100 miles of Crossnore, we can even come to pick up your large items and loads. Note: We are unable to resell box TVs, pianos, and used mattresses. The Blair Fraley Sales Store is also a great place to come shopping and find something you never knew you needed!

Donations for our Winston-Salem campus.

In Winston-Salem, our location for storing new items for the children is called the Treehouse. Many years ago when Hanesbrands employees were volunteering on the Winston-Salem campus, several of the volunteers took a look at our little clothes closet and decided it needed a proper facelift. The volunteers artfully painted the large room and brought in everything to set up an inviting space for children to shop, so the kids would feel special when trying on clothes. To this day, Hanesbrands continues to reach out to us to find out if we are low on particular items that their company can provide. A church group, led by alumni, then designed a secondary space called the Birthday Room that holds birthday gifts suited for all ages along with school and art supplies. The Treehouse serves all of our Residential children in care, children in our Community Foster Care, as well as our Clinical Services program and our Day Treatment Program.  

Some of our Treehouse needs are seasonal such as items for summer activities, Christmas wish lists, and new school supplies. But we are always in need of pillows, sheets, twin beds-in-a-bag, kitchen items, towel sets, and hygiene products. We frequently make a plea for diapers and specific items such as car seats when needed. Kohls, Target, and Wal-Mart gift cards are also extremely appreciated. 

Local Needs

The requested in-kind donations are a tremendous gift to Crossnore. They enable our cottages and programs to run smoothly and provide big smiles on some sweet faces when children are first placed in our care and can pick out some items in the Treehouse that they can call their own. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any used items on our Winston-Salem Campus. If you live in this area, we encourage you to find another non-profit organization that can benefit from your donations. If you have used toys or children’s clothing, look for Foster Care Closets in your community and help us as we build partnerships with the closets in this area. These sites can accept your donations and are often open to all children in the Foster Care system.

Donations for our Hendersonville location.

Our Hendersonville Office works primarily with children in community foster homes and through our outpatient and school-based clinical services. They are often in need of items such as diapers and car seats for our foster families, “fidgets,” and art and craft supplies for the clinical team to use with children. These can include Play-doh, kinetic sand, stress balls, squishy toys, and small puzzle toys like Rubik’s Cubes. Storage space is very limited so please check before making any deliveries to the office. 

Most used donations to our Hendersonville campus are distributed between four foster care closets in our area. These closets serve children in foster homes, kinship placements, and many other situations in Transylvania, Henderson, Polk, and Cleveland counties. We currently partner with Patchwork Foster Care Closet in Hendersonville, Bloom with Grace in Brevard, The Hope Chest in Columbus, and a new start-up at St. Peter’s UMC in Lawndale. Bloom with Grace and The Hope Chest were started by Crossnore foster families!

While we love to receive donations of handmade items like hats, scarves, and blankets, we do not always have a place to store them. Before you mail a donation of items to us, check to see if there is a need for them locally. You can donate those beautiful and lovingly made items to those in need in your community and still support us by making a monetary donation of the amount you would have spent in shipping.  

Shop our Amazon Wish Lists

Our AmazonSmile Charity Wishlist is updated monthly with the needs of our programs. Residential, clinical, and foster care program needs are featured quarterly throughout the year. When you order directly off the Amazon Wishlist, your purchase will ship to us when you choose our registry address under “Other Addresses” at checkout. 

October-December the list focuses on the Christmas wishes of children served by all our programs. Each child creates a list of wishes, big and small. We limit wishes only by number and cost. The items you see on Amazon are the items that they asked for: books, toys, gadgets, beauty products, room decorations, and all! We work very hard to ensure that every child receives an equal number of requested gifts. And that all have a magical Christmas!

group of crossnore therapists holding gifts picked out for their clients from amazon wish lists

Crossnore’s Fostering Communities Team

Children in Foster Care around the country have the same needs as the children served by Crossnore. The Fostering Communities Program was created to bring support to all children in foster care. We believe that if everyone does something, there will be more than enough for all children.  

If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, support. 

Without your support, we would not be able to offer services to the number of children and families that we currently do. We are truly grateful for all your donations and gifts. If you would like more information regarding in-kind donations, please contact a member of our Fostering Communities Team.

Elizabeth O’Hagan, Avery Campus            828-733-4305      eohagan@crossnore.org

Angela Bollo, Hendersonville Offices        828-783-1190       abollo@crossnore.org

Kim King, Winston Salem Campus            336-721-7600       kking@crossnore.org

Blair Fraley Sales Store, Avery Campus   828-733-4228