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the way home podcast

Crossnore Communities for Children presents the way home podcast. Each week, we talk with a staff member or community partner about the work we do. These conversations shine a light on the child welfare system, our organization, and our community partners. Learn how you can help!

The podcast begins as a Facebook Live show on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EST. Follow us on Facebook to watch live. If you miss it or aren’t on Facebook, you can catch the video on our YouTube channel on Fridays. Subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss a single episode.

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Episode 34

the way home, episode 34

Today’s episode features Alex Hudson, Bridging Families Supervisor, and Deb Eiserman, Bridge Parent at Crossnore. Alex and Deb discuss the Bridging Families© program, where it fits in the foster care world, what reunification for families looks like, shared parenting, and more.

the way home is hosted by Holly Kessler, Senior Director of Community Relations.

Show notes for episode 34

Foster Care at Crossnore

Therapy Services


Foster Home Licensing

Sarah Norris, Ed.D., Chief Program Officer

Careers at Crossnore

Shared Parenting