Author: Angela Bollo

To Those on the Fence About Foster Care
I share a foster care story or statistic, because their heart is breaking just a little more as it tries to pull them over that fence.
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Five Reasons to Open Your Home to a Teenager
Perhaps the title of this blog should have been more inviting, like “Free Chocolate and Hugs." That might have been a bit more appealing than a headline containing one of [...]
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National Child Abuse Prevention Month
April has arrived and brought with her longer days, warmer weather, showers that will hopefully bring flowers, and Atlanta Braves baseball. These gifts often outshine one of the lesser known [...]
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Finding Your Place: Fostering Communities
This week we approach the year mark of our “two weeks to flatten curve” and the unofficial beginning of the COVID19 pandemic in the United States. If we've learned one [...]
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What the Pandemic Teaches Us about Foster Care
It is safe to say that the current COVID 19 pandemic has taught everyone something new about themselves and the world around us. A few months back, you might not [...]
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