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Kevin's Story

Our Thrive scholarship helps cover non-insured or underinsured kiddos who need trauma-informed therapy care. Many children in our Day Treatment program benefit from this type of scholarship.

Day Treatment is a Crossnore program run in conjunction with Kingswood School, an alternative K-12 Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School. Day Treatment provides a structured environment, skill building, problem-solving, and group and individual therapy.

We’d like to tell you about Kevin (not his real name) today, an elementary school child on the autism spectrum who had suffered significant abuse in his past. When he came to our Day Treatment program, Kevin was non-verbal and spent much of the school day screaming in a high-pitched voice.

Miss L, a day treatment counselor, consulted with Crossnore’s staff psychiatrist and other experts in the field to find ways to communicate with Kevin. Eventually, Miss L devised simple hand signals that Kevin could use to communicate his wants and needs. Several months later, after intensive Day Treatment intervention, Kevin was not only able to communicate verbally, but he was functioning well enough to return to his regular home school!