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Abby's Story

Do you ever wonder what impact your donations have on the children served by Crossnore? Meet Abby (not her real name; story shared with her permission), a middle school student referred to Crossnore 18 months ago following a suicide attempt.

Abby felt hopeless, and she had withdrawn from activities she normally enjoyed. Upon her release from the hospital, the Department of Social Services ordered Abby to participate in therapy. Both she and her family were skeptical of the benefits of therapy, but after a short time they saw clear improvement and continued to come well past the required time.

Fast forward to today. After a lot of work with our trauma-informed therapists, Abby has been discharged from our clinical services program and is the first of our youth to have completed all four elements on our high ropes course, pushing herself beyond her fear and perceived limitations. As her therapist proudly shared, “Watching Abby on the ropes course, her confidence and mastery were on full display!”

As you might guess, reimbursement for Abby’s therapy does not cover its actual cost. Donors like you make up the difference. And life-changing experiences on our high ropes course are entirely funded by private donors. With your help, we can offer these services to even more children in need.

Abby’s Letter
Read this amazing letter that Abby wrote to her therapist upon completion of her therapy program.

Abby's Letter