Denise Riddle

Working in watercolor, oils and acrylic, Denise Riddle has been a self-taught visual artist for over thirty years. As a portrait and consignment artist as well as a national advertising designer for a major furniture manufacturer collaborating with internationally known designers, she honed in on her own personal style. Expanding her creative initiatives, she added ceramics to her repertoire, blending art with clay and clay with art.
Growing up in rural North Carolina, Denise worked with her family in the hard red clay raising fields of tobacco and vegetables. The feel of the clay and the influences of her childhood never left.

In addition to painting, she now concentrates on creating terra cotta sculptures. Adding glazes, stains, waxes and metal, she strives to achieve the specific organic feel and colors of her youth.


Starting as a child, self-expression has been a way of life for me, my reason for being. I would draw under the kitchen table and inside the cabinets. I didn’t know then that it was just the beginning.

Creativity flows from within, whether it is in painting, sewing, jewelry making, sculpture, or whatever interests me at the moment. I strive to create tactile pieces that “speak” and invite you to touch, feel, and provoke that same kind of passion.