Youth in Transition

Youthin Transition

Continued services are important for all of the youth who graduate high school in our care. Youth in Transition is designed to support youth who have experienced foster care during their critical transition into young adulthood.

These youth may choose to attend a four-year university, community college, or enter the workforce immediately following high school. Youth in Transition offers financial literacy and peer counseling services, as well as education, housing, transportation, and career support for young adults up to the age of 26.

For referrals and admissions into Youth in Transition, please contact:
Referrals & Admissions Specialist
For more information about Youth in Transition, please contact:
On our Avery campus:
Virginia Ford, Youth in Transition Coordinator
On our Winston-Salem campus:
Marcus Wilson-Stevenson, Youth in Transition Coordinator

Give hope to a child in need.