I Want to Support Foster Parents

I want to support Foster Parents

Foster parents need all the support they can get. Would you consider supporting a foster family in one or more of the ways listed below?

Foster Parent Licensing Package

Crossnore School & Children’s Home offers FREE pre-service training to foster parents who want to become licensed foster homes. That means the cost of this training is paid for by donations. Pre-service training costs $200, which covers all materials and licensing expenses for one family.

If you are unable to foster a child yourself, what other ways can you help?

  • Mow the yard for a foster family
  • Offer free haircuts, if you’re a stylist, or purchase gift certificates for haircuts
  • Wash a foster parents car or take it for an oil change
  • Donate tickets to the zoo, the movies, or other family event

What skills do you have that could help one or more foster families?

  • Hair stylist
  • Art teacher
  • HVAC service
  • Home repair/improvement projects
  • Music lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Tax preparation for students in foster care and for foster families
Holiday Cards & Inserts

Holiday Cards & Inserts

For the very first time, you can support Crossnore by spreading the word about our important work and at the same time, share some love! Click HERE to shop our limited edition holiday cards, holiday insert cards (to include in your personal Christmas cards), and "gift in your honor" insert cards.

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