Sanctuary Care

The Sanctuary Model of Care ®

Crossnore School & Children’s Home is a certified Sanctuary organization.

This is a treatment and organizational framework for creating trauma-informed communities. The Standards were developed by The Sanctuary Institute in collaboration with Dr. Sandra Bloom as a way of measuring adherence and fidelity to the practices and philosophy of the Sanctuary Model in human service organizations. The Standards serve as a tool to determine if an organization or program meets the qualifications for Sanctuary certification. Crossnore was certified as a Sanctuary organization in 2011 on the Avery campus.

We maintain high standards for Sanctuary care at all of our locations.

In October 2014, Maxine Reddy of the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute and Michael Selep, peer evaluator from Holy Family Institute, visited Crossnore to evaluate the organization for successful implementation of the Sanctuary Model. The evaluators determined Crossnore’s level of implementation of the Sanctuary Model ranging from 1 (not implemented) to 5 (exceptionally implemented). We did not score below a 4 on any of the 28 Standards. The overall score was a 4.5.

In April 2018, Maxine Reddy once again visited our Avery and Winston-Salem campuses, along with Greg Stevens, peer evaluator from McKillop Family Services in Australia, for our most recent re-certification site visit. We are happy to announce both of our campuses were re-certified with no corrective action plan.

Today, Crossnore School & Children’s Home is one of more than 100 programs internationally where the Sanctuary Model® is applied.

Theory of Change

The following image speaks more than mere words about Crossnore School & Children’s Home’s approach to children. From the base of the circle, one can see the most basic and most important goals on campus – to provide a safe and loving home to children from families in crisis. Each circle grows bigger within the visual to show the expansion of a child’s well-being – mind, body and spirit.

Do you have questions about our Sanctuary Care approach here at Crossnore? Feel free to reach out to us to learn more!

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