Goals & Priorities


The Children’s Fund

The Children’s Fund supports the annual operating budget of Crossnore School & Children’s Home.

Gifts to the fund are unrestricted and directly benefit all our children by funding off-campus educational trips, special occasions, holidays, birthdays, the pet nurturing program and so much more. Undesignated annual gifts are the most valuable gift to Crossnore School & Children’s Home. You may designate your gift to go directly to the Avery, Winston-Salem, or Hendersonville location.


Residential Scholarship Fund

The Residential Scholarship Fund makes the Crossnore School & Children’s Home experience possible for children.

The scholarship makes the Crossnore School & Children’s Home experience possible for children who need our safe, loving campus but are not in the North Carolina Division of Social Services system. A Residential Scholarship can be named in honor or memory of a loved one for $30,000. This is the amount needed to clothe, feed, and house a student on our campus for one year.


College Scholarship Fund

The College Scholarship Fund helps our young adults reach their dreams by pursuing higher education.

The scholarship will be presented to a deserving student who has demonstrated academic strength, a strong work ethic and a personal determination in overcoming their circumstances.


Miracle Scholars Scholarship Fund

The Miracle Scholars Scholarship Fund supports children who have been in Crossnore’s care and have graduated from high school but are unsure about their future plans.

This fund provides support for high school graduates to remain in our care while participating in the Miracle Scholars program. Without private dollars, Crossnore School & Children’s Home would not be able to serve these young adults.


Classroom Without Walls

Our Classroom Without Walls program brings our kids in touch with the history and culture of America through exploratory travel.

These trips are great experiences and allow our students to see first-hand a place they may otherwise have only read about in history books.