My Community Wants to Support Foster Parents

My community wants to support Foster Parents

Foster parents and children in care need a community to support them. Community groups in North Carolina are becoming fostering communities for these families.

Fostering Communities

In 2018, more than 16,000 children were in the foster care system in North Carolina. We are
in a state of crisis making it increasingly difficult to serve this vulnerable population. Children
removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect need a community to surround and
support them during this traumatic time in their lives. Crossnore School & Children’s Home
provides a sanctuary of hope and healing for children and families in their homes, schools, and
communities, and we need partners who share this belief and calling to work alongside us.

Your neighborhood, civic group, family, or friends can surround foster parents with the support they need.

As a community, consider the following questions:
  • Do you know how many children are in foster care in your community?
  • Do you know how many foster parents serve in your community?
  • What is the average stay in foster care for a child in your county?
  • How many youth age out of foster care each year in your county?
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