Author: Patrice Williams

Hope from a Garbage Bag Suitcase
Shenandoah Chefalo was 13 when she first went into foster care. Prior to that her life had been filled with neglect, abuse, and isolation. At times, her stuffed animals were [...]
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The Mission of Agape Love
First Corinthians 13 is a scripture that most of us know well. It is read at most weddings, and although it is fitting for marriage, Paul wasn't writing to a [...]
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My Journey to Living Lean
My entire life, I had always been what I considered “medium sized,” and had accepted that as the way I was built. I have never really been overweight or what [...]
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A Healing Moment – Suicide Awareness and Prevention
What do you do when your child looks at you and wishes to be dead or no longer on this earth? What do you do when your child seems so [...]
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Chefalos for Crossnore Update!
Last July, we posted a blog about the Chefalo family (read the post HERE) who were planning their holiday trip to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. Using this opportunity to raise awareness for [...]
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Surviving the Indoors (with kids!)
After 2,467 hours stuck in the house after snow and rain, is anyone else out there going crazy? Will our kids ever go back to school? Bless your heart, North [...]
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