Dave Schroeder

Artist’s Statement:

As a building contractor for more then three decades, I have learned a lot about design and alteration. Since moving to the High Country in 2012, it was a natural fit to find my way into the art world and expand my creative self.

Clay art really seemed to speak me; working with my hands and building felt good. Spending time with and learning from recognized potters has truly been inspirational and keeps me focused on my art. I have furthered my skills by attending workshops in Boone, Asheville, Linville, and Newland. Creating functional pottery has been fulfilling and rewarding and I continue to challenge myself with new types of clay art. Creating Raku fired wares has expanded my thought process as well as my creative self.

In 2019 I began managing an open studio in Linville, NC, giving instruction there and have work featured in three High Country galleries.  




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