Craven Handbuilt Pottery

Ian and Jo Lydia Craven are world renowned for their handbuilt porcelain dinnerware, wall sculptures, bowls and vases.

Jo Lydia impresses antique lace into each piece of thin porcelain clay before shaping the unique free form bowls, plates, cups, serving dishes and decorative designs that have been called “sensuous” and “romantic.”

Ian then finishes the hand crafted pottery with his own home made glazes in creative colors which are described as “moody” – “gem-like” and “shimmering.” The final result of this collaboration has been called simply “elegant.”

Racism is Trauma

Crossnore School & Children’s Home exists to be a sanctuary for children and their families and racism destroys sanctuary. Racism is trauma and is part of systemic community trauma that has long term negative impacts on people and communities of color. Crossnore believes that black lives matter, and we are committed to building an anti-racist organization and supporting the development of racial equity in our communities. 

To read more about Crossnore's stance on racial equity, the Board of Trustee's Anti-Racist Statement, and to find other resources, please click HERE

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