I Want to Adopt

I Want to Adopt

Crossnore School & Children’s Home is a licensed, non-profit organization that offers adoption services through the Child Welfare Division of the Department of Health & Human Services for families interested in providing permanency, safety, and love to a child or a sibling group in need.

“There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.” – National Adoption Center

Program Highlights:

  1. We find families for children based on family strengths and preferences.
  2. Children of all ages are in need, particularly teens and sibling groups.
  3. An experienced staff team will train and support you.
  4. Crossnore will complete your needed home study for adoption.
  5. Adoptive parents are first licensed as foster parents and are able to care for children in foster care prior to a finalized adoption.
  6. The State of North Carolina assists with some adoption expenses.
  7. Post-adoption services are provided for additional support.

Adoption Facts:

  1. Interested families can visit with a child or children before deciding to provide permanency.
  2. There are hundreds of children available for adoption in North Carolina.
  3. There are hundreds of children in foster care who are moving toward adoption in North Carolina.
  4. Children receive Medicaid until the age of 18.
  5. Children may continue to receive a monthly stipend for expenses after an adoption.
  6. An adoption tax benefit is available through the IRS (consult your tax advisor).